October 3, 2023


Call to Order:  Chairman Tony Virgalitte called the meeting to order at 8:45AM with 46 Members in attendance.


Invocation:  Duke Wilson


Recess for Breakfast:  Recessed for breakfast & called back to order at 9:15AM by Chairman Virgalitte.



Thanks to the following by Chairman Virgalitte:

Charlie Shook for a delicious breakfast at Houston Hall.

Joe Miller for serving as the 2023 Tournament Committee Chairman.

Terry Avant for serving at the 2023 Food Committee Chairman.

John Boal for serving as Chairman for both the Nominating & Membership Committees in 2023.

Tom Golenski for being the Starter at both Loyal Oak & Chenoweth the past 7 years!

Bob McConnell for being our League Treasurer for 4 years.

John Eichenlaub for volunteering to be Website Manager in 2024 as well as Statistician.


Reports provided as follows: 


Secretary, Chuck Wilson – Approval of Members Spring Breakfast, April 4th, Minutes; motion Bob Brownfield, second John Beltich and all approved.  Minutes are posted on SSSGL website.


Treasurer, Bob McConnell – Estimated cash balance at year end 2023 will be $2,250; budget is $1,665.  Cash greater due to savings from Play Day prize money, $95, and $570 under budget by the Food Committee. Plan based on Board approval, will be no change for dues, $30, initiation fee, $20, and Play Day fees, $10, in 2024.


Statistician, John Eichenlaub – Total rounds played in 2023 = 2,062; Good Park = 664, Loyal Oak = 592, Chenoweth = 806.  Average Score = 47.4 with 97,561 strokes.  2023 Awardees; Joe Miller - “Iron Man” with most rounds = 52, Most Improved - Bill Francik minus 4.1 strokes, Larry Fick highest Lifetime rounds = 801.


Membership, John Boal – 8 new Members in 2023.  Total paid Membership was 99.


Nominating Committee, John Boal – For 2023: Ed Sims – Vice Chairman, Terry Avant & Floyd Crognale – Food Committee, and Joe Miller – Tournament Committee.




Starter Committee, Tony Virgalitte for Dave Elzemeyer – Tom Golenski will continue in 2024 for both Loyal Oak and Chenoweth! Newly trained Starters will work Monday at Good Park and sub for vacation and sick days; Keith Limbacher, Ed Sims, Ken Kot, Dan Bishop, Brian Fredericks and Max Devia.  Current and former Officers can sub as required.


Tournament Committee, Joe Miller – Thanks to Joe for continuing for one more year in 2024.  Committee will be Dale Brown, Joe Toris and Joe Crookston.


Food Committee, Terry Avant – Thanks to Terry and Floyd Crognale who will serve as Co-Chairmen in 2024.  Bill Cinadr will be a committee member.


Chairman’s Report – Tony Virgalitte


Blind Bogey was successful in 2023 with an average of 10 to 20 players per day at $1.00/person.


Nomination of 2024 Officers

Chairman – Keith Limbacher

Vice-Chairman – Ed Sims

Treasurer – Pat Rochford, Assistant-Bob McConnell

Secretary – Chuck Wilson

Statistician – John Eichenlaub, Assistant – Mike Spurlock

Motion to approve – Bob Brownfield, second John Kropac; unanimous approval by all Members.


Not elected, but will serve in the following positions for 2024:

Executive Board – Tony Virgalitte (Starters), Dave Elzemeyer (Nominations), John Boal (Membership).

Tournament Chairman – Joe Miller

Food Committee Co-Chairmen – Terry Avant & Floyd Crognale

John Eichenlaub – Website Manager, Assistant - Duane Powell


Chenoweth 2024 - The Board has approved the following:

Rates will change to: 9 Riding = $20, 18 Riding = $34, 9 Walking = $16, 18 Walking = $26

18-hole golfers’ tee off at 7:45AM (Cannot start earlier unless approved by the Chenoweth Starter.)

9-hole golfers tee off at 8:00AM (Cards in by 7:45AM.)


Loyal Oak 2024 - The Board has approved continuing at Loyal Oak with following:

Move tees forward on #’s 1, 10 & 16.

Improve greens quality and speed.

Newer carts, maintain sand traps, credit cards may be implemented within the next few years.

Will request that markers be placed on the putting greens to simulate a hole. (J. Beltich suggestion.)




New Password for 2024 – John Eichenlaub will implement and it will be communicated to all League Members via the Chairman’s e-mail.


Other New Business – Duke Wilson requested that the Board consider changing the “Breakfast Ball” from only the first tee to any of the first 9 holes.


Winter Breakfasts start Nov, 2nd at Akron Family and Nov. 6th at Farmer Boy.  A reminder e-mail will be sent to all Members.


2024 Newsletter – will be sent to all Members on February 10, 2024.


2024 Spring Breakfast – will be conducted at Houston Hall on April 2, 2024.


Door Prizes – Keith Limbacher

Loyal Oak 9 holes Walking – E. Searle, C. Wilson, J. Toris, R. Taylor

Chenoweth 9 holes Cart – D. Brown, B. McConnell, E. Sims, G. Kiefer

Good Park 9 holes Cart – J. Beltich, A. Pokopac, D. Amato, K. Giebel


$20 Cash – D. Rearick, J. Boal, T. Virgalitte, K. Limbacher, J. Conti, J. Miller, M. Spurlock, M. Mackey, M. Devia


$50 Cash – J. Eichenlaub, B. Brownfield



Adjournment – Chairman Virgalitte adjourned the meeting at 10:00AM.





(Minutes prepared by Chuck Wilson, Secretary, 10/3/2023)