League History

League History
Names from the past


 The Triple "S" (Sweet Swinging Seniors) Golf League was started in 1967 by a group of golfing friends who were employees of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.

Initially there were 8 members in years 1967-68. From 1969 to 1978 the league was informally run by volunteers until 1979 when the first Chairman, Mr. K T Kennedy, was elected.  In 1990 the offices of Vice-chairman, Secretary and Treasurer were added.

Below is a list of the original members and volunteers, and also a list of all the chairmen to date.  The league secretary also has the names of the other officers from 1990 to present.

The Original Members: 1967-1968

Chris Capper   Burl Cox   Harry Huff

E. D. Mackey   George Kerr   Pace Hammond

Roy Falor   Cecil Noble

Volunteers from 1969-1978

Bill Campbell   Bill Durbin   Russ Spoonamore

R. Stambaugh   Jack Creager   M. S. Snyder

Walt Rogers   Jack Nigh   plus Original Members above




1979  K. T. Kennedy                                                           2001 Jack Halsey

1980  Jack Porter                                                                2002 Jess Hardy

1981  Phil Drew                                                                  2003 Richard "Turk" Kremer

1982  Frank Fricker                                                             2004 Bob Metzger

1983  Paul Miller                                                                 2005 Chuck Knauer

1984  Rex Seanor                                                                2006 Bob Oberlin

1985  Quent Hutchinson                                                     2007 Sheldon Rininger

1986  John Crowe                                                                2008 Jack Kellogg

1987  Ralph Meglen                                                             2009 Joseph Palmiero

1988  Al Sonderman                                                            2010 Bob Liese

1989  Hal Hutchinson                                                          2011 Sheldon Rininger

1990 Jim Cargal                                                                   2012 Ken Giebel

1991  Elmer Wasko                                                              2013 Pete Effinger

1992  Bob Summer                                                              2014 Chuck Wilson

1993  Bill Carney                                                                 2015 Terry Avant

1994  Tom Costigan                                                            2016 Mike Crookston

1995  Jim Kovac                                                                   2017 Brian McGuinness

1996  Ed Witek                                                                     2018 Duke Wilson

1997  Jim Spindler                                                                2019 Roger Taylor

1998  Tony Carlin                                                                 2020 Len Klein

1999  Walter Park                                                                  2021 John Boal

2000 Larry Halpin                                                                    2022 David Elzemeyer