April 4, 2023 – Houston Hall


Call to Order:  Chairman Tony Virgalitte called the Spring Breakfast meeting to order at 8:50am

with 48 members in attendance.


Moment of Silence:  Chairman Virgalitte requested a moment of silence for Members who have passed away since our 2022 Fall Breakfast:  Dave Beckley.


Invocation:  Ron Miller provided the Invocation.


Recess for Breakfast:  Recessed at 8:55am and called back to order by Chairman Virgalitte at 9:25am.


Thanks to the following by Chairman Virgalitte:

·         Charlie Shook for another tasty breakfast at Houston Hall!

·         Roger Taylor for cycling through all SSSGL positions.

·         Duane Powell and John Eichenlaub for redesigning our SSSGL website.

·         Joe Miller for volunteering to be the 2023 Tournament Committee Chairman.

·         Terry Avant for volunteering to be the 2023 Food Committee Chairman.

·         Special thanks to Tom Golenski who has served as our Starter every Wednesday at Loyal Oak and every Friday at Chenoweth for seven (7) years!  2023 will be his last year to be a Starter and our League sincerely appreciates his time & dedication to this vital position!


Reports provided as follows

Secretary, Chuck Wilson:  The Fall Members Meeting minutes have been approved by the Board and posted on our SSSGL website.  Motion to approve by John Conti, second by Ken Kott; unanimously approved by all members.


Treasurer, Bob McConnell:   Pat Rochford, Assistant Treasurer, will replace Bob as Treasurer in 2024.  Cash balance on 12/31/2022 was $1,790.32. The 2023 Budget projection is a loss of $125.00 (Income minus Expenses) with an estimated cash balance of $1,665.32 on 12/31/23.


Statistician, Mike Spurlock for John Eichenlaub:  For 2023, 88 paid members including 8 new members as of today’s meeting.  55 paid for the Spring Breakfast.  If a replacement or new ID card is required, contact Mike Spurlock.


Membership Committee, John Boal:  John introduced 6 of the 8 new members who were present.  The League is open to new members until June 1st.  New member business cards are available at the front table after the meeting.


Nominating Committee, John Boal:  Ed Simms has volunteered to be our Vice Chairman in 2024.

Starter Committee, Tony Virgalitte for Dave Elzemeyer:   Tom Golenski outlined the requirements and procedures for Starters and Tony explained we need Volunteers to train in 2023 so they can be prepared to fill “blocks of time” in 2024.  A volunteer list was circulated during the presentation and 9 members volunteered.  Additional volunteers will be identified and contacted by Committee Chairman Elzemeyer.


Tournament Committee, Joe Miller:  2023 committee members with Joe are Dale Brown, Joe Toris, and Joe Crookston.


Food Committee, Terry Avant:  2023 committee members with Terry are Floyd Crognale and Bill Cinadr.  Terry has contacted Leach’s and they are scheduled to provide the food service for our four Play Days in 2023.


Chairman’s Report, Tony Virgalitte

Old Business

·         Password – Member E-mail addresses & phone numbers are now password protected. The password was e-mailed to all members.  Do not share the password with nonmembers; it will be changed as required.  

New Business

·         Change Bylaws – “Recommend each member play 15 times, recommend each player over 80 play 5 times and recommend each member play one Play Day per year”.  Prior to the vote John Conti asked why Play Day participation had decreased.  Response: Combination of COVID, some who do not like to play Loyal Oak and reduction in Membership during the last several years.  Motion to approve Duke Wilson, second by Roger Taylor; unanimously approved by all Members.

·         Change Bylaws – Make the Vice Chairman a member of the Executive Board.  Motion to approve by Bob Brownfield, second by John Kropac; unanimously approved by all Members.

·          Blind Bogey – Tom Golenski explained how the winner is calculated/determined.  By a show of hands, a majority of Members approved changing the amount from 25 cents to $1.00.

Door Prizes – Chairman Virgalitte

·         4 – 9 holes certificates at Loyal Oak – Ken Giebel, Rich Golenski, Bob Liese, John Beltich.

·         4 -9 holes/cart at Chenoweth – Pat Rochford, Merle Mackey, Greg Smith, Mike Kost.

·         4 – 9 holes/cart at Good Park – Brian Fredericks, Tom Golenski, Gene Kiefer, Joe Miller.

·         10 - $25 – John Boal, Floyd Crognale, Larry Pulliam, Duke Wilson, Dan Bishop, John Conti, Bob McConnell, Bob Morrow, 2 new Members.

·         2 -$50 – Ken Kott and Dave Wyatt.


Fall Breakfast Meeting:  Tuesday, October 3rd 2023 at Houston Hall.


Chairman Virgalitte adjourned the Meeting at 10:15am.

                                                                                     (Prepared by Chuck Wilson, Secretary 4/5/2023)