SSSGL – Sweet Swinging Seniors Golf League



Welcome to the 2023 season of our Sweet Swinging Seniors Golf League also known as the SSSGL!  Founded in 1967, this is our 56th year as a League and we look forward to you joining us for another successful season!  Further history regarding our League as well as Member e-mail addresses & phone numbers, daily scores, etc.  are available on our website at:  golf.sssgl.com


Our Officers for 2023 are:

·         Chairman –         Tony Virgalitte

·         Vice Chairman – Keith Limbacher

·         Treasurer –         Bob McConnell (Pat Rochford, Assistant)

·         Secretary –         Chuck Wilson

·         Executive Board – Tony Virgalitte (Chairman), Dave Elzemeyer (Starters),

                              John Boal (Nominations), Len Klein (Membership)


Managing other important aspects of our League are:

·         Statistician –                        John Eichenlaub (Mike Spurlock, backup)

·         Website Manager –                 Duane Powell (John Eichenlaub, backup)

·         Tournament Coordinator –    Joe Miller

·         Food Committee Chairman – Terry Avant  

 Current Member Dues:  2023 dues are $30 and should be sent using the attached, Page 3:

 2023 Member’s Dues Payment Form.   


New Members:  Our membership is recruited from friends and acquaintances who must be at least 58 years of age.  Applications are available on our website and must be received with a $50 check (Dues $30, Initiation Fee $20) by June 1st.  Upon approval, an ID card will be mailed to you.  After June 1st, new members will not be accepted until the 2024 golf season.  Those interested in future membership may play as a guest 4 times during the current year.  Contact Membership Chairman, Len Klein, at kleinklanl@aol.com if you have a question.


Spring Breakfast:  Our Spring Breakfast is scheduled for Tuesday, April 4th; arrive by 8:30am, the meeting starts at 8:45am at Houston Hall, 3069 Houston Rd., Norton, OH.  Use the form on Page 3 to register. (Pictures & Minutes from our Fall 2022 Breakfast are posted on our website.)


Golf Schedule:  Play will be Monday at Good Park, Wednesday at Loyal Oak and Friday at Chenoweth.  You can play 9 or 18 holes. For 2023, the first day of play is Monday, May 1st at Good Park.  Last Day is Friday, September 29th at Chenoweth.

National Holidays: There will be no League play; Monday, May 29th or Monday, Sept. 4th.  There will be League play on Monday, July 3rd and Wednesday, July 5th.


Starting Procedure: 

·         For 9 holes:  The daily starting procedure using ID cards for 9 holes will be used.  ID cards must be in by 8:15am!   

·         For 18 holes:  Go directly to the first tee. 18 hole starting times are:

 7:45am at Good Park, 8:00am at Loyal Oak and 8:00am at Chenoweth. Check with the golf course Starter; do not tee off early.


2023 Course Rates:

·         Good Park:   9 ride - $19/golfer, 18 ride - $30/golfer, 9 walk - $13, 18 walk - $18

·         Loyal Oak:     9 ride - $17/golfer, 18 ride - $25/golfer, 9 walk - $10, 18 walk - $18

·         Chenoweth:  9 ride - $18/golfer, 18 ride - $32/golfer, 9 walk - $14, 18 walk - $24


Play Day Tournaments:  2023 Play Day scrambles are scheduled for the second Wednesday of each month; June 14th, July 12th, August 9th, and September 13th; all at Loyal Oak.   Arrive by 7:45am, pay for 18 holes; play will start at 8:00am.  Play Day registration is $10 to be paid at the Starter’s table on or before the Friday preceding each event.   Play Days are rain or shine with no refunds.   


Tournament Committee Volunteers Needed:  Joe Miller needs 4 dedicated Volunteers who will arrive early each Play Day to tag the carts, help players and tally score cards at the end of play.  Joe will set up the teams prior to each Play Day and announce the results after each lunch.  Contact Joe at jrmillerthegolfer@yahoo.com or 330-401-9995.


New, Starter Volunteers Needed:  Tom Golenski has been our permanent Starter on Wednesdays & Fridays; 2023 will be his last year to do this.  Contact Starter Chairman, Dave Elzemeyer, at delze@yahoo.com so he and Tom can get you trained this year in preparation for the 2024 season!  Also, special thanks to Tom for doing an excellent job in this important role for seven years!!


Fall Breakfast:  The Fall Members Breakfast Meeting will conclude the 2023 golf season and is scheduled for Tuesday, October 3th at 8:45am at Houston Hall in Norton.  (Arrive by 8:30am.) 


2023 EVENT DATES LIST:  For future reference, all of the preceding dates are summarized on the attached, Page 4, EVENT DATES LIST. 


Questions or Updates:  Any questions or updates should be sent to our Chairman, Tony Virgalitte via e-mail at:   chairman@sssgl.com


Chuck Wilson

SSSGL, Secretary




2023 Member’s Dues & Spring Breakfast

 Payment Form






____ $30 for 2023 Member’s Dues.


____$11 for the Spring Breakfast, Tuesday, April 4th.


____ Total enclosed; one check.



Ø Make one check payable to:  SSS GOLF LEAGUE

Ø Mail your check & this form to:

Bob McConnell, 356 Marian Lake Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223

Ø Dues & Breakfast payments must be received by Wed., March 29th.

Ø Dues paid after March 29th are $35 and must be received by April 21st.



*Verify your Phone # & E-mail are correct on our website:  golf.sssgl.com

Enter “changes only” for:




Cell Phone: __________________________

Home Phone: ________________________














February 11, Saturday         E-mail/mail, SSSGL Annual Newsletter


March 6, Monday            Reminder Notice for Annual Dues; $30


March 29, Wednesday     Last Day for Current Member Dues; $30


April 4, Tuesday                   Spring Breakfast & Board Meeting (Houston Hall, 8:45am)


April, 21 Friday               Final Day for receipt of Current Member Dues; $35


May 1, Monday                     First Day of League Play, Good Park


May 29, Monday                  NO GOLF at Good Park, MEMORIAL DAY


June 1, Thursday                 Final Day for New Member Applications

                                                ($20 Initiation + $30 Membership Fee)


June 14, Wednesday              PLAY DAY at Loyal Oak


July 3, Monday                      GOLF at Good Park, July 4th Holiday is Tuesday


July 12, Wednesday               PLAY DAY at Loyal Oak


August 9, Wednesday            PLAY DAY at Loyal Oak


September 4, Monday           NO GOLF at Good Park, LABOR DAY


September 13, Wednesday    PLAY DAY at Loyal Oak


September 29, Friday            Last Day of League Play at Chenoweth


October 3, Tuesday                Fall Breakfast & Board Meeting (Houston Hall, 8:45am)