2022 Spring Board Meeting


SSSGL - Spring Board Meeting

April 5, 2022 - Houston Hall

Call to Order: 2022 Chairman, Dave Elzemeyer called the meeting to order at 10:05am.

Members Present: Dave Elzemeyer, Roger Taylor, Bob McConnell, Floyd Crognale, Tony Virgalitte and

Chuck Wilson

Topics were discussed as follows:

Nominating Committee: For Len Klein; Dave Elzemeyer will contact Len to discuss with Pat Oberlander

to become the Vice Chairman in 2023. This should be completed in June. Pat had indicated he was

interested in serving in this capacity.

Membership Committee: Roger Taylor – Will provide Dave with all new members for the Chairman’s email

list. As noted in the breakfast meeting, business cards will be given to our Starters for members.

Flyers will be given to our three course and Roger will ask a few others if they will post a flyer. Three

existing members have not confirmed if they will rejoin in 2022.

Website: Duane Powell will post the SSSGL flyer on our League website.

Starter Committee: John Boal – Has Monday Starters for May and June. Will be requesting volunteers

for the other months. Tom Golenski will be our Starter for Wednesdays & Fridays.

Food Committee: Floyd Crognale – Meals can be cancelled by 7:00am on the day of the scramble.

Leach’s will confirm meal pricing by June. Tournaments are rain or shine and there will be no refunds to

Members who have paid.

Treasurer: Bob McConnell - During 2022, Bob will prepare a checklist of the Treasurer’s responsibilities

and procedures. He will also talk with Pat Rochford to determine if he will serve as Bob’s backup.

Secretary: Chuck Wilson – There was one suggestion for the Annual Newsletter; include members cell

phone and home number on the Annual Dues form. Will finalize at the Fall Board Meeting.


 The Chairman’s e-mail list may contain former, non-active members who wish to receive news

about the League. Dave will review and verify deceased members and other inactive members

are removed for 2022.

 Rates have not been verified for 2022. Dave will confirm and notify our League regarding the

2022 rates for each course.

Next Board Meeting: Tuesday, October 4, 2022 after the Member’s Fall Breakfast meeting.

Adjournment: Chairman Elzemeyer adjourned the meeting at 10:45am.

(Minutes prepared by Secretary, Chuck Wilson April 7, 2022.)