2022 Fall Members Meeting Minues



SSSGL - Fall Members Breakfast

October 4, 2022 – Houston Hall





Call to Order:  Chairman Dave Elzemeyer called the Fall Breakfast meeting to order at 8:50am am with 46 Members in attendance.


Moment of Silence Chairman Elzemeyer asked for a moment of silence for Members who have passed away since our 2022 Spring Breakfast:  Bob Easton and Jim Swartz.


Invocation:   Keith Limbacher provided the Invocation.   


Recess for Breakfast: Recessed for breakfast at 8:55am and called back to order at 9:20am.


Thanks to the following by Chairman Elzemeyer:

·         Charlie Shook for another tasty breakfast.

·         Mike Spurlock for purchasing & installing expanded statistical reports for 2022.

·         Mike Crookston for serving as the 2022 Tournament Committee Chairman.

·         Floyd Crognale for serving 3 years as the Food Committee Chairman.

·         Roger Taylor for serving 5 years as a Board Member.

·         Tom Golenski for his dedication as our Wednesday / Friday Starter every week.


Reports provided as follows:


Secretary, Chuck Wilson – Chairman Elzemeyer made a motion to approve the Spring Breakfast Minutes as posted on the SSSGL website, second by Bob Brownfield; all approved.


Treasurer, Bob McConnell – The year end cash position is projected to be $1,730; helping were $265 more collected in initiation than budgeted and the Food Committee spending $515 less than budgeted.


Treasurer McConnel made a motion to the Membership that an Assistant Treasurer’s position be created to assure continuity and backup. The Assistant Treasurer will have all of the responsibilities of the Treasurer including, but not limited to; signing checks, making deposits and preparing financial statements.   Second was by John Boal and all Members approved.




Statistician’s Report, by John Eichenlaub for Mike Spurlock – 97 Members for 2022 who played 1,812 rounds at our three courses; 585 Good Park, 557 Loyal Oak and 670 at Chenoweth.  Average Score was 47.48 with a total of 87,280 strokes for the season.  A detailed report was provided to the Board.  Special recognition to Tom Golenski, Golden Golf Ball, for keeping us on time all year and to John Kropac for the most Rounds Played, 54.


Nominations Chairman, Len Klein – The following were placed in nomination to serve for 2023.  Second by Dave Elzemeyer; all Members approved.


·         Chairman – Tony Virgalitte

·         Vice-Chairman – Keith Limbacher

·         Treasurer – Bob McConnell (Pat Rochford – Assistant Treasurer)

·         Secretary – Chuck Wilson

·         Statistician – Mike Spurlock

·         Website Manager – Duane Powell 

·         Tournament Coordinator – Joe Miller

·         Food Committee Chairman – Terry Avant


Starter Committee, John Boal – Need new Starter Volunteers to train in 2023 since Tom Golenski will not be a regular Starter on Wednesdays & Fridays in 2024. 


Tournament Committee, Mike Crookston – Mike thanked everyone for participating in the four Play Days and to his Committee Members, John Conti, Joe Miller, Ken Giebel & Keith Limbacher, who made each event successful.


Food Committee, Floyd Crognale – Floyd thanked his Committee Members, Terry Avant, Bill Cinadr & John Boal for their dedication which made the Play Day meals a success.



New Business:

·         The 2023 SSSGL Newsletter will be sent to all Members on February 11, 2023.

·         The Spring Breakfast will be Tuesday, April 4, 2023 at Houston Hall.



Chairman Elzemeyer, prior to distributing the Door Prizes, thanked everyone for participating in and making the 2022 SSSGL golf season a success!

Door Prizes:

·         Four 9-hole passes – Chenoweth

·         Four 9-hole passes – Loyal Oak

·         Four 9-hole passes – Good Park

·         Eight cash prizes of $25 each.

·         Two cash prizes of $50 each.


Meeting adjourned at 9:50am by Chairman Elzemeyer.



(Minutes prepared by Chuck Wilson October 4, 2022)