2022 Fall Board Meeting


SSSGL - Fall Board Meeting

October 4, 2022 - Houston Hall




Call to Order:  Dave Elzemeyer called the meeting to order at 10:00am.


Members Present:  Dave Elzemeyer, Keith Limbacher, Tony Virgalitte, Bob McConnell, John Boal, Pat Rochford, Mike Crookston, Joe Miller and Chuck Wilson.




Food Committee:  Floyd Crognale – (Turnover to Terry Avant for 2023) – Not Present.

·         Leach’s rate for 2023 should be provided to Bob McConnel as soon as available.

·         2023 Committee Members – To be named.


Tournament Committee:  Mike Crookston – (Turnover to Joe Miller for 2023)

·         2023 Committee Members – John Boal, Keith Limbacher, need one more.

·         Play Day formats in 2023; keep simple A, B, C, D.

·         Consider $490 for Play Day Prize money vs. $450.

·         Modify Bylaws to play in one Play Day per season.


Website:  Duane Powell (Backup, John Eichenlaub) - Not Present.

·         Pictures from Breakfast Meetings & Play Days need to be taken & posted to the website in 2023.


Statistician:  Mike Spurlock (Backup, John Eichenlaub) – Not present.

·         2022 Statistics were presented at the Members Breakfast.


Starter Committee:  John Boal – (Written procedure given to Dave Elzemeyer for 2023)

·         New volunteers to learn in 2023 for 2024.   Will announce in the Spring Newsletter and then approach individuals one-on-one to volunteer.   Volunteers will be needed for blocks of time in 2024 since Tom Golenski will not continue then on Wednesdays & Fridays. 


Nominating Committee:   Len Klein (2023 John Boal)

·         John has several candidates in mind and will talk with them early in 2023 to become the 2024 Vice Chairman.


Membership Committee:  Roger Taylor – (2023 Len Klein) Not Present.

·         Roger has forwarded, via e-mail, the Membership Chairman’s Checklist to Len Klein and all Board Members.

·         Suggestions to attract new Members; “Bring a Friend”, flyers & business cards to our courses, driving ranges, VFW halls, retiree/senior centers, etc.  Guests can play 4 times.


 Treasurer:  Bob McConnell – (2023 Pat Rochford backup; will become Treasurer in 2024)

·         For 2023 – Member Dues $30, New Members $30 + $20 Initiation.  (No change)

·         Breakfast at Houston Hall - $11. (change)

·         Play Days - $10. (No change)

·         Final 2022 Financial Statement will be prepared by mid-January 2023.

·         Written Treasurer’s Turnover document has been prepared.

·         Bob will schedule an appointment for 2023 Officers signatures at Huntington Bank. (For Tony, Bob, Pat and Chuck.)




Secretary:  Chuck Wilson

·         2023 Newsletter – Initial draft submitted 9/28/2022.  Based in input, final draft will be prepared for the Board’s approval on 2/1/2023 and sent to all Members on 2/11/2023.

·         New Member Application – Revised format submitted 9/28/2022 to the Board.   Format was approved and will be submitted to Duane Powell to post to our SSSGL website by mid-October.




Chairman:  Dave Elzemeyer

·         Written Turnover document; will review with Tony Virgalitte.

·         Tony has confirmed 2023 League play with Good Park and Loyal Oak and will finalize Chenoweth during the next week.

·         Keith Limbacher will be copied by Tony on all Board e-mail correspondence.


Miscellaneous Topics:

·         Turnover Documents – Should be maintained in one location. At the Spring Board meeting consider making this the Secretary’s responsibility. 

·         Bylaws changes – Changes will be proposed at the Spring Breakfast; “recommend that each person play a minimum of 15 times” & “recommend that each player play in at least one Play Day per year”.

·         Blind Bogey – Consider changing this to $1.00 or eliminate the game.  Review with Membership at the Spring Breakfast.

·         Winter Board Meeting – Not required.  All topics will be reviewed by the Board via e-mail.



Next Board Meeting:  Tuesday, April 4, 2023 after the Member’s Spring Breakfast meeting.



Adjournment:    Dave Elzemeyer adjourned the meeting at 11:15am.



(Minutes prepared by Chuck Wilson October 4, 2022)