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2022 Spring Breakfast Minutes

SSSGL - Spring Members Breakfast
April 5, 2022 – Houston Hall

Call to Order:  Chairman Dave Elzemeyer called the Spring Breakfast meeting to order at 8:50am with 
49 Members in attendance.

Moment of Silence:   Chairman Elzemeyer asked for a moment of silence for Members who have passed 
away since our 2021 Fall Breakfast: Chuck Knauer, Jerry Malin, John Simon, Phil Sherman, Roger 
Nelson, Jim Lewis and Sheldon Rininger.

Invocation:   Duke Wilson provided the Invocation.

Recess for Breakfast: The meeting recessed for breakfast at 8:55am and called back to order at 

Thanks – Charlie Shook:  Chairman Elzemeyer thanked Charlie for providing another tasty breakfast 
at Houston Hall!    Also, he recognized John Boal - 2021 Chairman, Don Rearick – 2021 Tournament 
Committee Chairman, and Duke Wilson for cycling through all SSGL positions.  Also, he thanked Mike 
Crookston for volunteering to be the 2022 Tournament Committee Chairman.

Reports provided as follows:

Secretary, Chuck Wilson - Chairman Elzemeyer made a motion to accept the Fall Minutes which were 
approved by the Executive Board, second by Roger Taylor and all approved.

Treasurer, Bob McConnell -   Total receipts for 2021 were $4,800 and ended the year with a negative 
balance of $300.  For 2022, the Executive Board felt it was necessary to increase the dues to $30 
to offset increased costs.  The budget for 2022 looks correct, but expenses can be decreased later 
in the year if necessary.

Statistician’s Report, John Eichenlaub for Mike Spurlock – Preliminary roster shows 90 active 
members as of April 5ᵗʰ.

Membership Committee, Roger Taylor - 10 new Members for 2022; should be close to 90 Members by June 
1ˢᵗ which is the number, 90, we had in 2021.  Roger introduced the new Members in attendance at 
today’s breakfast: Ed Simms, Joe Toris, and Herb McHenry.  Roger has a flyer introducing our League 
for Senior golfers and will ask each of our courses to post a copy.  Also, SSSGL, business cards 
will be given to each course and to Members by our Starters.

Starter Committee, John Boal - John is seeking volunteers to start on Mondays at Good Park.  Tom 
Golenski will continue starting at Loyal Oak & Chenoweth on Wednesdays & Thursdays.

Tournament Committee, Mike Crookston – Mike announced that the Committee for 2022 will include Ken 
Giebel, Joe Miller, Keith Limbacher and John Conti.   The committee will meet with Mike following 
today’s breakfast.

Food Committee, Floyd Crognale – Will continue with Leach’s Catering this year with a similar menu. 
Final pricing will not be available until June.  Committee members are Joe Crookston, Terry Avant 
and Bill Cinadar.

Chairman’s Report – Dave Elzemeyer - Thanked all for volunteering to make our League a success!  
Dave will verify that the business cards will be distributed by the Starters to members during the 

New Business – Dave Elzemeyer - None

Door Prizes – Dave Elzemeyer
•     9 holes Chenoweth – Ed Simms, Roger Taylor
•     9 holes Loyal Oak – Tom Cochran, Bob Morrow, Mike Crookston
•     9 holes Good Park – Ed Searle, Stan Durbin
•     $25 – Duane Powell, Floyd Crognale, Dave Amato, Bob Liese, Paul Neal, John Conti
•     $50 – Dave St. John
•     $75 – Chuck Wilson

Fall Breakfast - Tuesday, October 4ᵗʰ.

Adjournment:   Chairman Elzemeyer adjourned the meeting at 9:52am.                                                                                                   
(Minutes prepared by Chuck Wilson – April 7, 2022.)