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2021 News Letter


SSSGL – Sweet Swinging Seniors Golf League


Welcome to the 2021 season of our Sweet Swinging Seniors Golf League also known as the SSSGL!  Founded in 1967, this is our 54th year as a League and we look forward to you joining us for another successful season! 

Further history regarding our League as well as Member e-mail addresses & phone numbers, daily scores, etc.  are available on our website at:

 Our Officers for 2021 are:

·        Chairman – John Boal

·        Vice Chairman – Dave Elzemeyer

·        Treasurer – Bob McConnell

·        Secretary – Chuck Wilson

·        Executive Board – John Boal, Len Klein, Roger Taylor & Duke Wilson

Managing other important aspects of our League are:

·        Statistician – Mike Spurlock

·        Website Manager – Duane Powell

·        Tournament Coordinator – Don Rearick

·        Food Committee Chairman – Floyd Crognale


Current Member Dues:  2021 dues are $25 and should sent using the attached, Page 3, 2021 Dues Payment Form.   Dues are $15 if you paid in advance for the cancelled 2020 Spring Breakfast; see the $10 Credit List attached, Page 4.


New Members:  Our membership is recruited from friends and acquaintances who must be at least 58 years of age.  Applications are available on our website and must be received with a $45 check (Dues $25, Initiation Fee $20) by June 1st.  After June 1st, new members will not be accepted until the 2022 golf season.  Those interested in future membership may play as a guest 4 times during the current year.  If you have a question, contact Membership Chairman Duke Wilson at:


Spring Breakfast:  Our Spring Breakfast is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, April 6th, however, due to the COVID-19 guidelines our Executive Board will make the final decision on conducting the breakfast by mid-March.  For this reason, the breakfast fee will not be collected until then.

Golf Schedule:  Play will be Monday at Good Park, Wednesday at Loyal Oak and Friday at Chenoweth.  You can play 9 or 18 holes. For 2021, the first day of play is Monday, May 3rd at Good Park.  Last Day is Wednesday, September 29th at Loyal Oak.

On National Holidays, there will be no League play; May 31st, July 5th and September 6th.

Starting Procedure:  Due to COVID-19, by mid-April, the Executive Board will determine the 2021 daily starting procedure using ID cards or not for 9 holes. 

For 18 holes, go directly to the first tee. 18 hole starting times are:

 7:45am at Good Park, 8:00am at Loyal Oak and 8:00am at Chenoweth.


Play Day Scrambles:  2021 Play Day scrambles are scheduled for the second Wednesday of each month; June 9th, July 14th, August 11th, and September 8th all at Loyal Oak.   Arrive by 7:45am with play starting at 8:00am.  Play Days are rain or shine events with no refunds. 


Fall Breakfast:  The Fall Members Breakfast Meeting will conclude the 2021 golf season and is scheduled for Tuesday, October 5th at 8:45am at Houston Hall in Norton.   


2021 EVENT DATES LIST:  For future reference, all of the preceding dates are summarized on the attached, Page 5, EVENT DATES LIST. 


Questions or Updates:  Any questions or updates should be sent to our Chairman, John Boal via e-mail at -



Chuck Wilson

SSSGL, Secretary

2021 Dues Payment Form








___$25 for 2021 Member Dues


___$15 for 2021 Member Dues if named on the $10 Credit List attached, Page 4.


Ø Must be received by March 31, 2021. (After March 31st pay $30.)

Ø The final date for receipt of Current Member dues is May 6th; $30.  

Ø Make checks payable to:  SSS GOLF LEAGUE

Ø Mail to: Bob McConnell, 356 Marian Lake Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223



Also enter “changes only” for:












$10 Credit List


SSSGL Members listed below who paid $10 in advance for the cancelled 2020 Spring Breakfast will receive a $10 credit to reduce their 2021 Member Dues and pay $15 using the Dues Payment Form.



·         Beecher Adams                                                            Steve Keller                                                             

·         Terry Avant                                                                 Gene Kiefer                                                                          

·         John Boal                                                                       Dennis King

·         Dale Bowser                                                                  Len Klein                                              

·         Bob Brownfield                                                            John Kropac

·         Vic Burke                                                                       Bob Liese                                                         

·         Neil Carpenter                                                             Joe Miller                                                 

·         Bill Cinadr                                                                     Paul Neal                                              

·         Tom Cochran                                                               Joe Palmiero                                                

·         Floyd Crognale                                                            Dennis Pike                                                  

·         Joe Crookston                                                              Duane Powell                                          

·         Mike Crookston                                                           Larry Pulliam                                               

·         Clavon Crumrine                                                         Don Rearick                                             

·         Stan Derbin                                                                  Jim Schweier                                                    

·         Jack Duderstadt                                                          Ed Searle                                          

·         Pete Effinger                                                               Len Sikora                                                      

·         Joe Gibson                                                                   JT Smith                                                                              

·         Ken Giebel                                                                   Greg Smith

·         Rich Golenski                                                              David St John

·         Tom Golenski                                                              Dick Warner

·         Bob Hill                                                                        Chuck Wilson                                                  

·         Tom Hudock                                                               Duke Wilson                                                    

·         Don Johnson                                                               David Wyatt                                                 











February 13, Saturday          E-mail/mail, SSSGL Annual Newsletter


March 8, Monday                 Reminder Notice for Dues (Annual Dues, $25)


April 6, Tuesday                  *Tentative due to COVID-19 - Spring Breakfast


May 3, Monday                    First Day of League Play, Good Park


May 6, Thursday                  Final day for receipt of Current Member 2021 Dues


May 31, Monday                  NO GOLF, MEMORIAL DAY


June 1, Tuesday                   Final Day for New Member Applications

                                               ($20 Initiation + $25 Membership Fee)


June 9, Wednesday                PLAY DAY, Loyal Oak


July 5, Monday                      NO GOLF, July 4th HOLIDAY


July 14, Wednesday               PLAY DAY, Loyal Oak


August 11, Wednesday          PLAY DAY, Loyal Oak


September 6, Monday           NO GOLF, LABOR DAY


September 8, Wednesday      PLAY DAY, Loyal Oak


September 29, Wednesday    Last Day of League Play at Loyal Oak


October 5, Tuesday                Fall Breakfast & Board Meeting (Houston Hall)