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2021 SPRING Breakfast Info


SSSGL – 2021 Spring  Board Meeting

April 6, 2021 – Houston Hall 

Call to OrderChairman John Boal called the meeting to order at 9:50 am following the completion of the Member’s Fall Breakfast Meeting.

Topics discussed as follows:

Play Day food at Houston Hall – As noted at the Breakfast Meeting, Charlie Shook is willing to host our League for a Play Day buffet if we are not permitted to meet in the pavilion at Loyal Oak.  Bob McConnell will provide Charlie with the amount we paid in the past per person per meal.

Starting Process for 2021 – During April, John Boal will finalize what will be permitted at each course and e-mail the League by the last week of April.  Our preference is to return to ID cards.  Whatever is determined, the same process will be used at all three courses.

Reporting Scores - Regardless of the Starting Process, the Executive Board voted to utilize the Scoresheet method of reporting the daily golf scores to our Statistician, Mike Spurlock.  The designated course Starter, will need to coordinate taking a picture of the final day’s scoresheet and e-mailing or texting it to Mike Spurlock.  This should be reviewed with Len Klein when he returns.

Blind Bogey – Will not be played until the normal, ID starting process is implemented.

Food Committee – Floyd Crognale will wait until May to determine what the final requirements will be for the Food Committee for the Play Days starting on June 9th.  Terry Avant and Bill Cinadr have volunteered to serve on the 2021 Committee.

 Membership - Duke Wilson is estimating 90 Members for 2021.  Need to call four more who have not paid dues: Jim Lewis, Glen Keiper, Larry Fick and Beecher Adams.  Only active Members who have paid will be on the final Scoresheet prepared by Mike Spurlock.  Duke will coordinate with Mike and Bob McConnell to determine the final active, 2021 roster.

Statistician Backup – Bob McConnell will talk with John Eichenlaub regarding being the Statistician’s backup for Mike Spurlock.

Nominating Committee – By mid-summer, Roger Taylor will need to talk with Patrick Oberlander and Tony Virgalitte regarding their candidacy for 2022 or 2023 Vice-Chairman.

Treasurer – Bob McConnell reported that the 12/31/2020 cash balance was $1,461 which included $460 collected for the 2020 Spring Breakfast. As of 4/6/202 the cash balance is $1,001, net of the $460.    He will also update John Boal on any e-mail address changes and provide a final address & e-mail list by the end of May.

Next Meeting – The next Board Meeting will be conducted following the Fall Breakfast on October 5, 2021.

Adjourn - Chairman John Boal adjourned the meeting at 10:45am.



(Minutes prepared by Secretary, Chuck Wilson, April 6, 2021)